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Hello all! I hope that everyone is doing well. Today we will discuss the recently released Hollywood film Evil Dead Rise and its review/box office collection. If you haven’t seen it yet, this article contains no spoilers; continue reading to gain more knowledge on its star cast and total box office collection.

Day 10 of Evil Dead Rise Box Office Collection Day 10

Let’s start by discussing Evil Dead Rise’s box office collection. It had an incredible opening weekend and continued bringing in good revenue throughout its first week – collecting 18.40 Cr in its first nine days (an impressive figure for an Hollywood film in India), before collecting 2.50 Cr net on day 10. Here is a table outlining this record-setting collection:

Day India Net Collection
Day 1 [1st Friday] ₹ 1.9 Cr
Day 2 [1st Saturday] ₹ 2.9 Cr
Day 3 [1st Sunday] ₹ 3 Cr
Day 4 [1st Monday] ₹ 1.8 Cr
Day 5 [1st Tuesday] ₹ 1.75 Cr
Day 6 [1st Wednesday] ₹ 1.7 Cr
Day 7 [1st Thursday] ₹ 1.7 Cr
Week 1 Collection ₹ 14.75 Cr
Day 8 [2nd Friday] ₹ 1.4 Cr
Day 9 [2nd Saturday] ₹ 2.25 Cr
Day 10 [2nd Sunday] ₹ 2.5 Cr
Total ₹ 20.9 Cr

As seen in the table, Evil Dead Rise collected almost 2 Cr on its opening day in India, growing by 52.63% the next day and collecting 2.9 Crore. On Sunday alone, it reached an all-time single day high collection figure with 3 Cr. Evil Dead Rise passed the critical Monday test and collected 1.8 Cr, slightly below its Day 1 total but still impressively above Day 5 collections.

Overall, its first week collection totalled 14.75 Cr and has now amassed more than 20 Cr in 10 days. Evil Dead Rise has amassed worldwide earnings of 510 Cr in 10 days, according to reports. English occupancy on Sunday reached 33.80%. Directed by Lee Cronin and produced by Ghost House Pictures, New Line Cinema and Department of Post.

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