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Anantacharyaji Avatar Utsav: Saints Emphasize Guru’s Glory, Pledge to Abandon Western Culture



On January 8 and 9, Sri Dada Dev Mandir in Dwarka Sector-8 in Delhi celebrated Sri Anantacharyaji Maharaj’s birth anniversary with an event honoring him from Sohawal Satna in Madhya Pradesh. Srimajjagadguru Ramanujacharya Anantashree Vibhushit Swami Sridharnidharacharyaji Maharaj was present with his holy presence to mark this monumental event.

Celebrate Swami Anantacharyaji Maharaj’s Birth Anniversary

Numerous devotees were drawn together under the direction of Kainkarya Nirata Swami Sri Ramachandracharya (Swami Agamananda), from Sri Shivashakti Yogapeeth in Navagachia, Bihar. Over two days they participated in Veda-Upanishad and Gita readings, Dev Puja services, Guru darshan visits and melodic musical performances.

Swami Anantacharyaji noted that humans are born of penance in one out of every 84 lakh births, emphasizing that humans truly understand God’s creation by way of humanity alone. He further stressed the fact that “God exists in many forms”, giving as an example Lord Krishna being worshiped when his form expanded as Lord Giriraja and then worshipped himself again upon expansion as Lord Giriraja. Additionally he highlighted the value of Guru and its Mantra.

He emphasized the role of Sadgurus, preachers who show people the right path, in showing people God. Narayan did not accept being guided by someone without one himself and refused the post of Guru. Swami Anantacharyaji had discussed their importance several times during previous conversations highlighting that finding Him is no easy feat.

Convoke an intention to abandon Western culture

Swami Agamanandji Maharaj addressed the trend of celebrating birthdays using Western cultural practices. He asked those present to pledge themselves to the preservation and renewal of Indian culture as an eternal heritage and vowing not to lose their way from it. Furthermore, he exhorted all individuals, regardless of religion, to spread positivity.

Swami Maharaj reminded the community that our culture should focus on lighting a candle rather than extinguishing it, suggesting instead of eating meat and alcohol at parties, prasad should be offered up early each morning to the Lord as an act of devotion.

This spiritual festival was jointly hosted by the Delhi Committee of Ayodhya Uttartodri Math Math Sohawal and Sri Shiv Shakti Yogpeth and was attended by worshipers from Bihar, Haryana Punjab Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Maharashtra.

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