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Big Brother Canada Spoilers Hoh Winner For Week 5 HOH Results



Many rumors and speculations abound concerning who will win Big Brother Canada 11’s Household of Honor competition this week, so if you want to know who won, read this article until its completion to gain all the spoilers from this episode of BBCAN11. We also address which housemates were nominated after participating in an endurance challenge during Big Brother Canada 11. Please stay with this page until its conclusion; take note of which housemate won and nominated after reading through to its end! For further details and insights below.

Big Brother Canada

Big Brother Canada

HOH Competition Results

Week 5’s HOH competition focused on holding on for as long as possible to become head of household and nominate another housemate as head. For this task, endurance was of primary importance and made winning more challenging for housemates with slimmer frames like Jonathan, Hope, Renee, Daniel. Meanwhile, Anika, Kuzie Ty Claudia Shanaya Santina were all strong candidates who might win outright! Read on to discover who won!

The Struggle For Control

Big Brother

Big Brother

From the moment the competition began, Ty was determined to win it; he saw it as an opportunity to assert his power and exert his control. Renee and Santina each had strong motivations to win as most housemates wanted to target and nominate one or both of them for nomination this week. As neither emerged victorious, their chances of receiving nominations increased drastically – however neither achieved their goal this time around either!

The Winner Of HOH Is Revealed

Big Brother Canada

Big Brother Canada

Ty was victorious in Big Brother Canada 11’s HOH competition during week 5 by holding the bar for an extended period, earning him this prized position and the power to nominate fellow housemates. Many expect Ty to put forward Santina as his nominee but more details have yet to be disclosed on which other housemates might join her on the block; this could include Renee or Jonathan or Hope among others – stay tuned here for further updates and information!

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