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Brian Fraser Parents: Mother and sister Micaela Fraser, along with father Sean Fraser



The March 13 MSU shooting incident made international headlines after three college students were fatally shot on February 13. Their deaths left mourning across the globe and justice sought after; three including Brian Fraser died. His siblings and parents remain shocked over his untimely demise and cannot come to terms with it yet.

Brian Fraser’s Parents Are Grieving

Brian Fraser Parents

Brian Fraser Parents

As it can be devastating to hear of someone you care for’s death at someone else’s hands, Brian’s parents are grieving his passing with condolences pouring in from around the country and tributes coming in on social media. Two other students also died during the shooting incident, while five sustained critical injuries requiring hospitalisation.

Michigan State University shooting victims

Brian Fraser Parents

Brian Fraser Parents

The world is anxiously waiting to learn about the condition and motive for Anthony Dwayne McRae’s shooting of 14 students at Virginia Tech on Thursday afternoon. Authorities have already identified him as 43-year-old Anthony Dwayne McRae who later committed suicide by self-inflicted gunshot injury; numerous news websites are covering this story extensively.

Grief and Justice after Loss of Brian Fraser

Brian Fraser Parents

Brian Fraser Parents

Sean Fraser, Brian’s father, is constantly crying while Micela Fraser remains traumatized from their loss. Although many people have reached out to them with offers of help, Micela states they are currently in no condition to respond as she wants justice for their untimely demise.

Jon Dean, Grosse Pointe’s superintendent, described this incident as an unspeakable and horrific tragedy on social media. Brian’s father wrote about him being bright and kind; Grosse Pointe South Swimming and Diving team also paid their respects on social media. Brian attended Michigan State University as an undergraduate student where he served as chapter president of Phi Delta Theta Michigan Beta chapter; five injured students remain critical at present.

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