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Cassidy Murray Aruba Tragic Boat Accident: Know About Her Parents



Cassidy Murray’s parents were devastated when their daughter Cassidy Murray died in a boating accident in March 2022. Continue reading to learn more about this tragic event.

Cassidy Murray: What Happened?

Cassidy Murray

Cassidy Murray was thirteen at the time she died. She was on vacation with her family in Aruba. She was wearing a life vest but, after falling into the water, she couldn’t save herself because the boat became trapped. Unfortunately, she drowned. Cassidy drowned because the boat driver had difficulty controlling it.

Many people have paid her tribute on social media after her death. Her parents initially were distraught, but they later began working with Aruba officials to raise awareness of waterfront safety. Investigation revealed that Cassidy died in an accident and was not negligent.

Cassidy Murray

Cassidy Murray

Cassidy Murray: Cheerful Student and Hockey Enthusiast

Cassidy attended the Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, located in Cambridge Massachusetts. She was cheerful and kind, with a good sense of humor. Her smile and kindness united people. Adam, her brother, is in the 10th grade at the same school. Cassidy was passionate about hockey, and also had an interest in ceramics. Her mother Linda, and father Dave are all of Irish descent.

cassidy murray family

cassidy murray family

Cassidy’s Legacy

Cassidy left this world far too early, but her family is determined that she be remembered and to raise awareness of waterfront safety. Her parents are working with Aruba officials in order to prevent other families from experiencing similar tragedies. We send our condolences and best wishes to Cassidy’s family and her friends during this difficult period. We hope to bring more news important in the future.

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