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Beluga Youtuber Dead: Know About His Death Rumours



Beluga, an American Youtuber with over 4 million subscribers on his primary channel, has become the topic of discussion on various social media platforms. Beluga started his channel back in 2017 on January 27, where he uploads Discord skits and speed-run meme videos.

Beluga Jr. is his secondary channel where he uploads memes and YouTube shorts. Even though he has been popular for years, Beluga kept his face a secret until recently when he posted a video called “Beluga Face Reveal,” where he revealed himself as Aretz.

Beluga’s Death Rumors

Beluga Youtuber Die

Beluga Youtuber Die

The news of Beluga’s death recently became viral on the internet, leaving his fans wondering if it’s true. However, there is no reliable source to confirm the news of his death, and all rumors about his passing are false. Despite the lack of credible sources, many are still believing this unfounded and inaccurate news. If you want to confirm Beluga’s existence, you can check his social media activity.

The Bottom Line

Beluga’s life story and popularity have made him an essential figure on social media platforms. Still, unfounded rumors about his passing are creating confusion and leaving fans wondering about his well-being. However, we can confirm that Beluga is alive and well and continues to entertain his fans with his unique content on his YouTube channels.  

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