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Did KSI Leave Prime? Know Why Logan Paul’s Actions on Twitter Backfire



KSI leave Prime: Everyone has different beverage preferences, yet most available beverages on the market can be harmful to our health due to chemicals and sugar content. Sports drinks claim they’re healthy but even those labeled as such can contain harmful components; one such energy drink with such potential is PRIME which has gained widespread fame among athletes worldwide.

Did KSI Leave PRIME?

ksi left prime

ksi left prime

PRIME, owned by YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI, quickly become a multi-million dollar enterprise within 13 months of launch despite almost losing key member KSI during its early stages, leading to major losses at PRIME. Following their announcement as UFC official beverage sponsor recently, there now remains the question as to whether PRIME can continue being successful without his participation.

KSI, better known by his online handle KSI on YouTube and boxing as Logan Paul, had second thoughts at first about joining Logan Paul in creating PRIME project and nearly withdrew. According to an interview conducted with him later, when 10 million bottles had already been produced KSI left WhatsApp Group Chat which they created specifically for PRIME which could have cost the company $100 Million!

Who Is KSI?

ksi leave prime

KSI Leave Prime

KSI, known by his real name “JJ” Olatunji on YouTube, is an immensely successful YouTube personality with multiple successful channels. At PRIME’s early development stages, he expressed some confusion over his partnership with Logan Paul and considered leaving. Although ultimately remaining part of the project, his sudden departure has raised concerns for its future success.

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