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WATCH: Hodan Hashi Video, Family Shocked After Manslaughter Case Against Woman Is Upheld In Hodan Hashi Video



Searches for Hodan Hashi videos have generated considerable online activity with many people taking to Twitter and Reddit in search of any leads or clues in response to his family’s announcement that one of those accused in Hodan Hashi’s murder would not go on trial.

Hodan Hashi’s family were left shocked and stunned when the Crown Prosecutor’s Office made its announcement, while those following the case closely were left curious to view his video footage.

Hodan Hashi Video

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Paige Theriault-Fisher

According to court documents, Paige Theriault-Fisher, 22, has been charged with the murder of Hodan Hashi on November 5, 2022 at Saskatons Lit Nightclub in Saskaton. Allegedly she became involved in a physical altercation that ended with Hodan being fatally shot by Theriault-Fisher and has been named in multiple inquests into Hashi’s death.

Even though she faces charges, Theriault-Fisher was released on bail after posting a $5,000 bond. While Hodan Hashi’s family still seek justice for him, the Crown Prosecutor issued a stay of proceedings to prevent Theriault-Fisher from going to trial at this time.

Fartun Hashi, Hodan Hashi’s sister, took to Twitter in an outraged expression of sorrow over Paige Theriault-Fisher being cleared from manslaughter charges; their family feels Hodan will not get justice as she deserves.

Hodan Hashi Video

Fartun Hashi tweeted, “Imagine if roles were reversed” as an expression of his displeasure over the Crown Prosecutor’s decision.

Hodan Hashi supporters on Twitter


The search for Hodan Hashi’s video footage will likely continue as people seek answers for his tragic death. Unfortunately, however, his family’s quest for justice has hit a roadblock due to a stay of proceedings which prevents a trial from proceeding at this time.

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