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Hajia 4 Real Arrested In UK Update: Prepares to Transfer Her For Trial To The USA



Hajia 4 Real, the famed Ghanaian musician, was arrested during her trip to the UK. According to reports, UK authorities plan on handing her over to US authorities for trial which could place Hajia 4 Real even further into legal difficulty. Since Hajia 4 Real’s arrest was announced, fans have been eager to know why she was taken into custody and what charges are levelled against her; many questions are circulating while many more seek articles with details on them – so read on for all essential details.

Hajia 4 Real Arrested in UK: Update

Hajia 4 Real Arrested In UK Update

Hajia 4 Real Arrested In UK Update

Hajia 4 Real, also known by her real name of Mona Montrage from Ghana, recently made headlines after being arrested in London by UK authorities. But why was this woman arrested, and what caused their actions? Read on to gain further insights.

Hajia 4 Real Arrested In UK Update

Hajia 4 Real Arrested In UK Update

Reports indicate that Hajia 4 Real has been arrested in relation to fraud charges against her in the USA. Although Hajia frequently traveled between countries, this time it is suspected she went back home specifically in order to avoid them. Sources claim she is currently under house arrest with an ankle GPS tracker attached for safety measures preventing her from fleeing – keep reading for more details!

Recent reports have also hinted at UK authorities being prepared to hand Hajia 4 Real over to US authorities for trial on fraud-related allegations in America, where she may face jail time if found guilty. We await an official statement regarding this matter and will update this website as soon as we have more information. Stay tuned!

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Hajia 4Real was recently released from custody and can now be found back home after her encounter with UK authorities. In an Instagram video uploaded onto her page, the musician expressed her thanks for all the support from fans and well-wishers during this trying time – thanking both in particular and Ghana in general for showing love despite the circumstances of her arrest. Unfortunately however, no further comments are yet forthcoming regarding it.

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