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Is Ftn Bae In Jail? After Doodie Lo Wins A $11 Million Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit, A Singer Is Imprisoned



FTN Bae (real name Mieyoshi Edwards), is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. This upcoming rapper has been charged with stalking fellow rapper Doodie Lo and has since been arrested and held for trial on this count.

Is Ftn Bae In Jail

Is Ftn Bae In Jail

FTN Bae and Doodie Lo have engaged in legal wrangles over time, leading Doodie Lo to win an $11 million defamation lawsuit against her in November 2021. Her arrest came shortly afterwards when she violated a permanent restraining order taken out against her by Doodie in September 2021 and threatened Doodie and his family members. Court documents reveal this behavior from FTN Bae.

FTN Bae Violates Restraining Order

Is Ftn Bae In Jail

Is Ftn Bae In Jail

FTN Bae was under an order that prohibited her from communicating with or being within 500 feet of Doodie Lo, however she violated it by continuing to contact Doodie Lo and send him messages on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat despite this restriction. For these actions she has been charged with stalking and violating her permanent restraining order.

FTN Bae Facing Continued Harassment

In December 2021, FTN Bae was arrested for breaking her restraining order by posting about Doodie Lo on social media and later released on bond; however, she was then rearrested in February 2022 for further violations of said order.

FTN Bae Facing Legal Troubles

Is Ftn Bae In Jail

Legal issues between FTN Bae and Doodie Lo surfaced in August 2021 when Doodie Lo filed suit for defamation against her. Since then, FTN Bae has continued harassing and stalking Doodie Lo, culminating in her recent arrest.

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