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Is Kerala Story 18 Plus? Answer to All Your Questions On Kerala Story



Kerala Story 18 Plus Audience?

Kerala Story 18 Plus Audience?

Since The Kerala Story’s release, many questions and debates have arisen concerning this controversial film. While some support and some oppose its presence on every news channel and cause significant discussion. It has garnered wide media coverage throughout India. However, The Kerala Story has also generated substantial debate and protest across India. Some states such as Tamil Nadu and West Bengal have even banned it! So this begs the question:

Is Kerala Story 18 Plus?

Are You Seeking Essential Details about the Film The Kerala Story? Look No Further. Below we have provided all of the pertinent details that everyone should be aware of regarding The Kerala Story film, while answering all your queries regarding The Kerala Story as you scroll down the page.

Is Kerala Story 18 Plus Audience?

Is Kerala Story 18 Plus Audience?

Producers of The Kerala Story have released a statement regarding West Bengal and Tamil Nadu authorities’ ban of The Kerala Story on Tuesday, asserting that only the Central Board of Film Certification can legally ban it or make such decisions regarding theater release. West Bengal Chief Minister Smt. Mamta Banerjee banned screening of The Kerala Story to avoid incidents of hatred and violence that might arise as a result.

Is Kerala Story 18 Plus Audience? | Gossipheadlines

Controversial Releases: The Kashmir Files & The Kerala Story

Recently, upon the release of The Kashmir Files into theaters, reports of violent incidents motivated by hatred were widely publicized in India. Tamil Nadu banned screening of this film due to law and order issues and poor public reaction; whereas, other BJP-ruled states like Madhya Pradesh made tax exemption available for it.

As soon as The Kerala Story’s release, controversy arose regarding its age rating. British cinemas announced they would no longer show it due to scenes that are inappropriate and hardcore; no age restriction has yet been put in place so viewers of any age may watch.

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