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Are Susan and Luana Lucci related? Difference in Family Tree and Net Worth



When two notable personalities share a surname, it can often lead to much confusion among their followers. Luana Lucci and Susan Lucci are no exception; many fans have speculated whether or not they’re related. We want to clear this up now!

Who Is Luana Lucci?

Luana Lucci

Luana Lucci

Luana Lucci is a Brazilian model and flight attendant currently living in Los Angeles. She has amassed around 25.000 followers on social media, though their relationship is only tenuous; their surnames do not share an association despite shared initials.

Is Susan Lucci And Luana Lucci Siblings?

Luana Lucci

Luana Lucci

There is no firm proof to suggest Susan and Luana are related; both possess separate nationalities and family histories – Luana hailing from Brazil while Susan hailing from Scarsdale in New York.

Luana and Susan Luccis Net Worth

Luana Lucci

Luana Lucci

It isn’t unusual to find people with similar surnames, as in Luana and Susan’s cases two successful women who share one name are. Luana has been mostly silent about her personal life – including whether or not she has siblings; instead focusing on modeling career and flight attendant job. Susan on the other hand has had an outstanding four decade entertainment industry career with an estimated net worth exceeding $60 Million.

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