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Is PGF Nuk In Jail? Mugshot And Arrest News Trending On Social Media



Reports indicate that popular rapper PGK Nuk, hailing from Jacksonville, Florida is currently imprisoned and fans want more details regarding his arrest and what caused it.

PGK Nuk, who remains anonymous due to an ongoing legal case, has gained immense popularity for his music. But his arrest has left his followers reeling with shock. Here’s everything you need to know about PGK Nuk’s arrest:

PGK Nuk Arrested?

PGK Nuk Arrested

PGK Nuk Arrested

Unfortunately, yes. He was arrested in March 2023; the exact reason remains unclear at this time; several sources reported his arrest due to criminal activity charges; however, no official confirmation has yet been given by either side.

Some fans suggest that PGK Nuk‘s absence from social media for several weeks prior to his arrest could have been an indicator of something sinister. Still, supporters have rallied behind him and taken to social media demanding justice on his behalf.

PGK Nuk Arrest & Mugshot

PGK Nuk Arrest & Mugshot

PGK Nuk Arrest & Mugshot

PGK Nuk’s mugshot has been released and widely shared across social media, showing him in custody without his ski mask on and his face exposed. According to reports, he was arrested in Miami.

PGK Nuk was only 22 when he was arrested, born in 2011. Although his real name remains unconfirmed, some sources have reported his name is Javarri Walker; unfortunately, however, the reason behind his arrest remains hazy.


PGK Nuk’s arrest has left fans anxious and curious for updates regarding this situation, yet nothing further has been released to them by authorities or released as updates by any means. As it stands now, no additional updates have been given by law enforcement as to the details surrounding his case.

Fans of PGK Nuk have taken to social media in support of him, hoping that justice may soon be served. We will keep you up-to-date as more details emerge.

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