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Is Tony Farmer Arrested? Where Is Basketball Star Tony Farmer Now?



Arresting notable figures isn’t unusual in the entertainment world. Tony Farmer, an American footballer who currently plays for Halcones de Ciudad Obregon in Mexico’s Circuito de Baloncesto de la Costa del Pacifico (CIBACOPA), recently garnered media coverage after being arrested. Farmer was considered an elite prospect during high school years and looked set for success after graduation.

Is Basketball Star Tony Farmer Arrested?

At the height of his career, however, he was arrested and suspended from performing due to allegations that he abducted an ex-partner; this news caused great shock among fans who sought more details regarding this situation. Rumors began circulating but no official statement has yet been made by either side in regard to legal proceedings related to him.

What Did Tony Farmer Do? Is the Basketball Star in Jail

Farmer was accused of robbery, abduction and assault by Andrea Lane of his former relationship in 2012. Farmer’s promising basketball career was seriously compromised as a result of this scandal; eventually pleading guilty to all three charges in August 2012 and receiving three year sentences; upon being released in June 2015 from his sentence he attempted to resume playing but found it hard to gain admission into college due to his conviction; applying to Lincoln College but being rejected led him eventually enroll at Lee College in Baytown Texas instead.

Update on his Legal Issues


Even as Farmer strives to rebuild his career, legal issues continue to surface and affect him negatively. In 2020, he was accused of domestic abuse which has further caused negative attention towards him and has led fans concerned for his future and eagerly waiting to hear updates on how his case is progressing.

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