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Mollie Miles Death: Is she dead or alive?



Mollie Miles was an internationally recognized figure in motorsports. As an American racer she competed against various international competitions.

Mollie Miles Death

Mollie Miles Death

Ken Miles was Mollie’s husband and an esteemed racer, winning several races including 24 hours of Daytona and 12 hours of Sebring. Unfortunately, however, Ken died tragically at an early age while testing Ford’s J-car. Additionally he worked as an engineer.

Many fans remain curious about Mollie’s life after Ken’s passing and many want to know how her daughter Mollie coped.

Mollie Miles: Living or Dead?

Mollie Miles Death

Mollie Miles Death

Mollie Miles remained relatively inconspicuous after the passing of her husband, leading to speculation as to her whereabouts and whether or not she is still alive. However, according to sources she is indeed still present and well.

There have been reports that Mollie may have remarried, though there’s no concrete proof. We do know she lived in California after Ken’s death before moving with Peter elsewhere.

Peter Miles: His Life and Career

Mollie Miles Death

Peter Miles, Mollie and Ken’s son, shared an intense bond with his father before becoming chief. However, young Peter experienced tragedy early in life when witnessing his father’s passing away.

Today, Peter is married to Patti Montgomery and they share one daughter named Jaime Miles who married Jeff Moore (an in-house radio producer at 760 K) in 2014. Jaime Miles recently tied the knot.

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