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Kwite Drama Explained: Sexual Assault Claims in The Video



Kwite, a popular YouTuber who boasts millions of subscribers, is embroiled in controversy after allegations by an old acquaintance alleging sexual assault against him surfaced online. As word spread of these claims, netizens began desperately searching for more information on him – particularly regarding what type of information might exist about this mass market YouTuber who boasts such widespread subscriber numbers.



Kwite (born Tyler Wirkz) has never revealed his face online and is widely known for donning masks and sunglasses in his videos. Recently however, former friend Orion challenged him to reveal his true identity, leading to numerous accusations and counteraccusations against him.

Orion reported that Kwite had a tenuous relationship with him prior to his rise to prominence and accused him of abusive behavior and transphobia, prompting Orion’s challenge for Kwite to unveil his face, which Kwite has done so now.

Kwite denies all allegations made against her



Kwite has strongly refuted Orion’s accusations against him and released an hour-long video in response, in which he displays screenshots from previous conversations between himself and Orion as evidence of wrongdoing.

Kwite has accused his former friend Orion of trying to defame and damage Kwite’s career with false allegations and has expressed outrage at their attempts at doing so. Now the online community is closely watching this drama for further developments.

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