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[Latest Update] Is Lucha Villa Dead or Alive? Mexican singer Health Update



Mexican singer

Lucha Villa Dead: Lucha Villa (born Luz Elena Ruiz Bejarano on November 30th 1936) is an esteemed Mexican singer and actress best known by her stage name Lucha Villa. Recently, reports surfaced claiming she passed away, adding her to the long list of deceased Mexican actors.

Lucha Villa’s fans have expressed disbelief following this news and are worried about what this could mean for her future. In this article, we will address these rumors and provide updated information regarding this matter.

Lucha Villa’s Family Responds

Lucha Villa has not died as reported. Family members have come forward to denounce these rumors; Maria Jose Rengifo took to Facebook in order to refute them and denounce those responsible for creating such panicked speculation over her mother’s wellbeing.

Damiana Villa, Lucha Villa’s niece, has denied reports that she is unwell. Damiana assured the public that Lucha Villa was at her ranch in San Luis Potosi being taken care of and her health was in order.


Lucha Villa is not dead and any reports spreading on social media that claim otherwise are false. While we understand this news may have caused alarm among her fans, hopefully this article has provided clarity and reassurance regarding this matter.

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