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Nikocado Avocado Weight Loss Journey : How Much Weight YouTuber Lost?



Here we have exciting news to share about Nikocado Avocado! The famed YouTuber best known for his Mukbang videos where he displays his exceptional eating skills has recently made headlines due to his remarkable weight loss journey. Nikocado Avocado shed off 90 pounds despite his love for food while inspiring fans and followers alike towards healthier lifestyle choices.

How Much Weight Nikocado Avocado lose?

Dedicated YouTuber, making amazing videos for his viewers. He started at 400 pounds but after becoming aware of risks involved with binge eating and unhealthy eating patterns he made positive changes that made positive changes and made progress on his journey!

Nikocado Avocado

Nikocado Avocado

Though Nikocado’s videos are engaging and enjoyable to watch, the Mukbang trend – in which YouTubers consume excessive quantities of unhealthy food – promotes overeating and unhealthy habits. Nikocado Avocado had struggled with food addiction and binge eating disorders prior to becoming famous; but eventually came around and took steps towards living a healthier lifestyle, much to his followers’ delight.

Fans of Nikocado Avocado have taken to social media in celebration of his success and to offer support. We compiled some interesting facts that provide more insight into his life journey: Nikocado Avocado’s real name is Nicholas Perry and was adopted at birth into an American family and raised in Philadelphia until working at Home Depot between 2011-2012 as a freelance musician before moving to New York City with hopes of joining a Broadway orchestra orchestra.

Perry’s life was forever altered when he met Orlin Home through a vegan Facebook group, and after many months of internet correspondence they finally met in person at Woodstock Fruit Festival in 2016. From there they started dating and eventually traveled across Central America before settling in Colombia where they got married in 2017. Unfortunately many fans and YouTubers voiced concern for his health due to excessive weight gain from binge eating.



Nikocado Avocado recognized the need for a healthier lifestyle despite his love of food and success as a Mukbanger, and made substantial changes in his life to reflect this goal. Now inspiring his fans and followers towards living a happier and healthier existence. We hope that our readers take note and focus on their health and wellbeing; best wishes go out to Nikocado Avocado on his future endeavors!

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