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Sadie Loza Car Accident: What Happened to Audrina Patridge’s Niece – Details



Sadie Loza Car Accident: Audrina Patridge, the reality star from The Hills, is mourning the loss of her niece, Sadie Loza, who passed away tragically at the young age of 15. The news came as a shock to everyone, including netizens who are sending their condolences to the family.

Sadie was the daughter of Casey Loza, who is Audrina Patridge’s sister and is married to Kyle Loza, a motocross rider. The family is devastated by the loss and Audrina took to Instagram to share her heartbreak, saying, “My heart hurts to even write this. My beautiful niece is now in heaven. We will miss you and cherish every single moment we had with you.”

Details on Sadie Loza’s Passing

Details on Sadie Loza's Passing | Gossipheadlines

Sadie Raine was Casey Loza’s daughter from her previous relationship with Aaron Hershman. After Casey married Kyle Loza, the couple had two sons, Vallon and Sam Draven.

Sadie Loza Car Accident | Gossipheadlines

After the tragedy occurred, Casey took to Instagram to say that Sadie Raine’s story will save countless lives and that her memory will never be forgotten. She was known for reminding her mother that the Law of Conservation of Energy applies to all spheres of life.

Sadie Loza Car Accident | 3 | Gossipheadlines

It’s heartbreaking to see such a young life cut short, and our hearts go out to Audrina Patridge, Casey Loza, Kyle Loza, and their entire family during this difficult time.

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