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Sophia Dinverno AKA Violet Flowergarden: What We Know About Star Stable & A Youtuber Cause of Death



Sophia Dinverno, fondly referred to by fans as Violet Flowergarden on Youtube, has left many in shock over her sudden passing. Her channel gained immense popularity thanks to its Star Stable gaming videos; news of her sudden demise has left fans all around the globe stunned and saddened.

Violet Flowergarden passed away suddenly at only 23 years old, sending shockwaves through her fans and followers alike. Unfortunately, no cause of her passing has yet been disclosed by her family who are still processing this sudden loss.

Investigating the Cause of Death for Sophia Dinverno, AKA Violet Flowergarden

Investigating the Cause of Death for Sophia Dinverno, AKA Violet Flowergarden

News of Sophia Dinverno’s sudden and shocking death made headlines across the Internet and quickly trended before being confirmed by Jackson Citizen Patriot, someone close to Dinverno’s family and friend of Jackson Citizen Patriot claiming that the Youtuber died on January 17, 2023; Jackson claims Sophia Dinverno died three weeks ago, but its cause of death is currently unknown; we have collected information from sources in order to try and pinpoint why this occurred.

Reports indicate that Sophia Dinverno began her YouTube journey at just 13 years old. Over a period of 10 years, her gaming content garnered her over 200,000 subscribers online, with Star Stable videos being the cornerstone of this success.


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