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Sophie Turner Daughter Video Surfaced Online Instagram



Sophie Turner of Game of Thrones fame accidentally shared a video of Willa, her two-year-old daughter. Once aware of this mishap and having taken down the video from Instagram story quickly after realizing her error. Sophie Turner has long championed keeping her family out of the media’s limelight and her children’s rights to privacy.

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner

Social media platforms have been a buzz since this incident took place, with die-hard fans of the actress searching for video footage of her daughter but seeming unable to obtain it. She wrote on Instagram a message acknowledging it was an honest mistake and asked anyone reposting the video on any platform to remove it immediately..

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s Family Life

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, an accomplished singer and member of the Jonas Brothers Band, share two children – including recently born 9 month-old baby girl. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas prioritize keeping their family’s privacy; therefore they do not wish for their kids to become publicized and receive undue media attention.

There’s not much to say about the video as it was only at the forefront for moments and Sophie Turner managed to rectify it quickly; but, this incident should serve as an important reminder that even famous people like Sophie Turner can make mistakes, so we should all remain more cautious with posts that concern personal matters

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner

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