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Tennessee Cop Maegan Hall Fired Over Work Affairs and Leaked Video



Tennessee Cop Maegan Hall: Despite the illegality of having workplace affairs, many officials engage in them and end up losing their jobs. This was the case for one Tennessee cop whose video went viral on social media platforms. The video, which is now available online, shows the officer engaging in sexual activity at work, leading to criticism from viewers. According to reports, the officer in question, Maegan Hall of the La Vergne Police Department, had ties with many other officers.

Tennessee Cop Maegan Hall Fired

A probe was conducted which revealed that 26-year-old Hall had engaged in sleazy sexual encounters with six of her colleagues. She even attempted to entice her 4-year sheriff’s deputy husband, 28-year-old Jedidiah Hall, for a swinging session, claiming the couple had an open marriage. However, Jedidiah was not on board and instead confronted his wife of four years for infidelity.

Tennessee Cop Maegan Hall Fired 2 | Gossipheadlines

Following an internal investigation that began in December, Hall and four other co-workers were fired from their jobs. The scandal, which involved Hall’s sexual encounters in various locations including bars, hotels, and even on police property, has led to much shame for the Tennessee Police force and scandalization nationwide.

“I do not want to talk about it, I am just going to look forward in my life and want to live peacefully,” stated Hall in her first public remarks since the scandal broke. In addition to oral sex with colleagues at work, Hall had also engaged in relationships with another police officer and his spouse, and even offered a threesome to the couple. Shockingly, she also tore off her bikini top at a “girls gone wild” hot tub party. Stay tuned to GossipHeadlines for the latest scoops and updates of Latest News, Trending News, Nation News, World News and Entertainment News.

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