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What Happened To Gloom? Did Gloom Die? Who Is Gloom?



Did Gloom Die?: It is crucial that people become informed of death hoaxes that are going viral online and making false claims, particularly via social media forwards. Social media forwards have even led people like Kassima Isabelle (also known as Gloom) being declared dead as a result. We will explain in more depth in subsequent sections why death hoaxes go viral so read this article thoroughly for all its insights!

Did Gloom Die | | Gossipheadlines

Gloom, a popular Canadian Youtuber, was reported as dead via social media forwards; however, this is false. Rumors circulated online suggesting she had cancer and succumbed. When faced with death rumors surfacing about her, Youtuber Gloom posted a video to address these claims and prevent his followers from being misled; she announced this by “Signing Off”, intending to take a break due to stress from an issue wherein she thought she had breast cancer but instead only had cysts. Therefore it is imperative that claims made online be verified against legitimate sources rather than forward untrustworthy information.

Recently, two more well-known personalities, Leo Messi and Drake, were also the subjects of death rumors on social media. People should carefully research all facts before spreading such reports in order to gain millions of likes on their posts by spreading falsehoods on the subject’s death rumors on social media. It is essential to use trustworthy sources instead of untrustworthy ones when looking for information and stay tuned to this website for updates!

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