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Where Is Gareth Purshouse Currently? Ex-boyfriend Kills Amie Nicole Harwick



Criminal activities continue to increase despite our laws and regulations, shocking everyone with recent incidents such as the killing of Amie Nicole Harwick by Gareth Pursehouse. People are wondering about his motive behind such an unspeakable act and what transpired between the couple prior to this unfortunate occurrence.

Where Is Gareth Pursehouse Now

Where Is Gareth Pursehouse Now

Nicole Harwick was a therapist and writer, with an avid passion for dance and modeling. In 2008 she began dating Pursehouse but their relationship quickly fell apart when he turned abusive towards her. Although despite this behavior she stayed true to their relationship; eventually it came time for them to part ways in 2012. Nonetheless, things continued their downward spiral before Nicole made the difficult decision of ending it herself in 2012.

Where Is Gareth Pursehouse Now

Where Is Gareth Pursehouse Now

Pursehouse continued to threaten and harass Nicole even after their separation, until 2020 when he took matters into his own hands and killed her on February 15th. Nicole’s roommate quickly informed the police of Pursehouse’s obsessive behaviour leading to his immediate arrest the following morning.

Where Is Gareth Purshouse Currently?

Where Is Gareth Pursehouse Now

As everyone responds to the news of Nicole’s murder with shock and disbelief, condolences have been sent out to her family. Gareth Pursehouse remains in jail awaiting trial on charges for killing his former partner; reports indicate he may have been violent and eccentric, ultimately leading to her untimely demise.

This incident once again emphasizes the need for tighter laws and regulations to help combat such crimes and protect individuals’ safety. May Nicole Harwick rest in peace.

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