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Where Is Lori Poland Kidnapper Robert Paul Thiret? [Know Everything]



It was 40 years ago when Lori Poland was sexually abused and thrown into a toilet pit. A three-year-old girl had to survive in the pit for three years until she was found by birdwatchers. They rescued her and she was hospitalized. Fortunately, she developed a great relationship with her pediatrician who helped Lori overcome her trauma.

Lori Poland childhood

Lori Poland childhood

Inspiration to Healing: Lori Poland’s Transformative Journey

Dick Krugman was Lori’s inspiration and she decided to become a therapist. Today, she works at Denver Counselling Options, where she helps other people overcome their traumas. The National Foundation to End Child Abuse and Neglect (End CAN) was founded by Dick Krugman and Lori Poland. The foundation helps children like Lori to overcome their past trauma and move forward.

Lori Poland studied hard and became an advocate and author. She wrote a book called ‘I Live Here’ where she shared her childhood memories and traumatic experiences. Lori is always willing to share her story, and she hopes that it will help others to overcome their own traumatic experiences.

Where Is the Kidnapper Now?

Lori Poland Kidnapper

Lori Poland Kidnapper

Robert Paul was the person who abused Lori Poland. He was imprisoned for six years for the horrible crime he committed. In 1990, he was released from Jefferson County Jail.
It’s been 23 years since his release, and people are curious to know where he is now. We keep bringing you updates on such stories.

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