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Who Is Andrew Weissmann Wife? Meet Wife Debra Weissman, Family And Net Worth



The LGBTQ community has experienced tremendous difficulties gaining acceptance for their identity and rights, yet many communities do not accept them properly. Many members often resort to concealing their true identities in order to remain safe from harassment and discrimination from others, with individuals becoming targets without good reason. Due to such treatment many members choose to hide their true identities in order to stay protected.

Andrew Weissmann

Andrew Weissmann

Who is Andrew Weissmann?

At first glance, Andrew Weissmann seems like any other heterosexual. Yet netizens have spread rumors claiming he’s gay despite being heterosexual. Weissmann is highly respected within the law community and renowned for holding high-level positions within criminal justice systems such as Whitey Bulger’s investigation and Enron scandal; law professor at New York University where he also taught criminal law courses; law professor for Criminal Fraud Section of U.S. Dept of Justice before recently joining Robert Mueller’s special counsel team as its Head Criminal Fraud Section Head before recently leaving to join Robert Mueller’s special Counsel team led by Robert Mueller himself.

Andrew Weissmann's Wife

Andrew Weissmann’s Wife

What Is Andrew Weissmann’s Sexual Orientation?

Although rumors about Weissmann’s sexual orientation were rampant, reports show he is indeed heterosexual. He has never had an intimate relationship with another man or claimed they are gay; such speculation could simply have been generated by random users looking to increase followership and views.

Andrew Weissmann

Andrew Weissmann

Who Is Andrew Weissmann’s Wife?

Andrew Weissmann has been married to Debra Weissmann for a significant length of time, though has kept much about their personal lives private from public scrutiny. Debra appears to be supportive and family-oriented, spending most of her time caring for their children rather than engaging in any professional pursuits. Unfortunately not much else is known about Debra Weissmann or what she has accomplished professionally.

Andrew Weissmann wife

Andrew Weissmann wife

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