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Who is Chael Sonnen’s wife, Is she Brittany Smith?



Many are curious to learn about Chael Sonnen’s family life and family members; including who his wife Brittany Smith may be. With this article we hope to offer some insight into his personal life by giving information about his wife and children.

Chael Sonnen’s Journey to UFC Stardom

Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen, from humble beginnings, quickly rose to become one of the UFC’s highest-selling stars. Though never winning an official world championship belt himself, his performances inside and outside of the ring made him immensely popular and earned him a massive fan base that saw him stand alongside UFC giants such as GSP, Anderson Silva and Jon Jones in terms of sales figures.

Meet Brittany Smith: Chael Sonnen’s Wife

Brittany Smith wife of Chael Sonnen

Brittany Smith wife of Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen and Brittany Smith share an iconic love story. According to legend, Chael fell instantly for Brittany on a flight in Portland but she tried evading him and later ran off during conversation.

Full Name Brittany Smith
Spouse Chael Sonnen
Children Thero Stephen Sonnen, Blauna Dian Sonnen
Married On 2013

Chael approached Brittany through a crowd and claimed his phone had died, asking to borrow it so he could contact Brittany himself via his own mobile number and gain her contact. Soon thereafter, Chael and Brittany married officially in 2013 and now share two beautiful daughters: Thero Stephen Sonnen and Blauna Dian Sonnen.


Chael Sonnen may have initially found it hard to make eye contact with Brittany when they first met, but now the couple are happily married with four children under their care. For all the latest developments regarding Chael’s life and career, keep checking this website regularly.

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