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Who Is Les Gold’s Wife, Lili Gold? Know Everything About The Couple



Have you seen the reality TV show Hardcore Pawn? If so, Lili Gold may be familiar to you as Les Gold is also a pawn shop owner and they both run businesses together. In this article we provide complete details about Lili and her life.

Who Is Lili Gold

Lili Gold

Lili Gold

Lili Gold was born and raised in America and currently celebrates her 72nd birthday every June 29. She stands 5 feet 4 inches. With her husband Les, they’ve kids named Ashley and Seth who live with them.

Net worth of Lili Gold

Lili Gold & les gold

Lili Gold Net worth

She has amassed an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million and earned her Bachelor’s in Business Major from Michigan. Although details regarding her parents remain hidden to the public eye, they have shown tremendous support in her endeavors.

Know about Lili Gold’s husband Les Gold

Les Gold is Lili Gold's husband

Les Gold is Lili Gold’s husband

Les Gold is best known as an iconic character on Hardcore Pawn, but his entrepreneurial journey started long before that show premiered. His first venture was selling pizza reselling to school children at Hebrew School; since then he and his wife opened a pawn shop which now employs 50+ employees serving over 1000 customers daily.

Les Gold son takes care of marketing at his shop while his daughter Ashley co-owns a jewelry shop.

How He Launched His Pawn Journey

Les opened his pawn shop in 1978 and later relocated it to its current location in 1993. From humble beginnings, their business prospered rapidly as they successfully expanded.

Lili Gold is an esteemed pawn shop owner and is married to Les Gold, also active in this field. Their children have followed in their footsteps and are also flourishing within this industry.

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