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Why did Shadman Arrested? What Did Shadman Do?



Shadman Arrested: People are trying to piece together why Swiss pornographic artist and YouTuber Shadman (real name Shaddai Prejean), commonly known by his screen name on YouTube, was arrested for aggravated assault with lethal weapon on October 23, 2021, after being accused of perpetrating an act that may constitute criminal assault. Sources indicate he was taken into custody shortly thereafter but the exact details regarding his release remain unknown at this point in time. See further down for further details regarding his infamous arrest.

Who is Shadman Arrested?

Who is Shadman?

Many are familiar with Shadman for his provocative pornographic illustrations and videos, including characters like Elastigirl and Loli. Since 2010, he has created YouTube videos through Newgrounds and Shadbase as well as Newgrounds/Shadbase websites – his fame both earning him admirers while garnering criticism as time progressed. At 31 years old from Switzerland – Shadman enjoys global notoriety!

Shadman had also previously been arrested on child pornography charges, prompting him to end his adult content career and make headlines for multiple arrest incidents. Dafne Keen’s attorneys temporarily took down Shadman’s website four years ago following allegations that he sketched her 12-year-old Logan star inappropriately; since then his controversies have caused widespread public discussion; stay tuned here for updates regarding Shadman’s ongoing legal troubles and stay tuned with our website for more updates and details on them.

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