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Petawawa Kia Manager Fight Video Goes Viral On Social Media



An explosive video showing a manager and customer fighting at a Kia dealership in Petawawa has gone viral on social media, sparking interest from many netizens searching online. Here, we provide the video as well as its story – read on!

Reports indicate that this video has ignited discussion regarding toxic masculinity within dealership industries. We will discuss this further below.

Petawawa KiA Manager Fight Video

This video captures an altercation between a manager and customer at Petawawa KIA dealership, sparking concerns over toxic masculinity in the industry and leading to people questioning why such an encounter occurred.

Here’s what happened:

Evidently, the KIA manager had made inappropriate remarks about a customer’s wife who was present during this incident; this caused the customer to become angry and physically assault the manager.

Notably, the incident dates back to 2021 but only recently has its video become viral and attracted wide recognition.

The dealership has taken immediate action against their manager involved in this altercation, suspending them with immediate effect. According to their statement:

Dear Petawawawa Families and Friends, on behalf of Petawawa Kia we extend our deepest apologies for the inexcusable misconduct of a former Floor Manager. Our mission is to deliver exceptional customer service; therefore, we expect nothing short of ethical conduct and customer service excellence from all employees at Petawawa Kia. Unfortunately, the former employee in question was terminated and is no longer employed with us.”

So far, this video has received hundreds of thousands of views and shares across popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit.

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