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‘Putin Has Occupied The Front, Russia Will Survive Only If Ukraine Wins’: Where Is Maria Butina Pointing?



10 months since Russia-Ukraine war. Outcome uncertain. Global desire for war’s end. Modi proposes diplomacy over conflict. Putin’s War Room makes significant statement.

President Putin may launch an imminent strike against Ukraine through Belarus

President Putin

President Putin

Since Russia-Ukraine war began 10 months ago, its future remains unclear. All nations worldwide strongly want it to end now – Indian Prime Minister Modi advocating diplomatic solutions over war tactics – yet recent statements from Putin’s War Room have taken the world by surprise; Maria Butina from Putin’s War Room stated Russia will prevail at all costs and expressed her trust in India to help end it quickly. Butina further expressed confidence in India as part of ending conflict quickly.

Butina responded to questions regarding Russia’s use of nuclear weapons by noting that Russia will not initiate their use; but would utilize all available arms if necessary for national defense. She stated: “We know when to deploy nuclear weapons; Russia closely monitors US or NATO nuclear arsenal, while understanding NATO’s every move – everyone listens to India, which could play an instrumental part in ending this war.”

Global Changes Are Beginning: Putin Declares



President Putin made remarks regarding “big changes” occurring globally, not only within Russia. According to him, these developments can bring positive outcomes that benefit humanity as a whole. Many suspect his remarks alluded to an evolving world order as Alexander Dugin shared similar opinions on Gossipheadlines India.

President Vladimir Putin Meets President Lukashenko to Discuss Belarusian War Mobilization?

President Vladimir Putin & President Lukashenko

President Vladimir Putin & President Lukashenko

Rumors swirling that Vladimir Putin could launch a massive attack into Ukraine through Belarus are on the rise, while world observers remain wary. Today, Putin will meet his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko to discuss both international and bilateral matters; many news outlets await any definitive statements regarding Belarus potentially mobilizing for war if necessary. It should also be noted that an agreement between both countries to form a joint army along their shared borders has already been reached with an estimated 20,000 Russian troops already stationed there.

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