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One Punch Man Webcomic Reddit Reactions to Returns Following a 2-Year Break



One-Punch Man Webcomic Returns with Chapter 142!

Attention One-Punch Man fans! After two years of hiatus, Creator One has brought back Genos and Saitama for an all-new chapter that starts here. Though speculation of the series’ end had been rampant, fans are delighted to find out it’s not over yet! Chapter 142 ended with “to be continued”, signifying there will likely be additional chapters coming in future issues.

Are You Wondering If the Chapter Is Available in Different Languages? Unfortunately, only Japanese is currently available but we anticipate having it translated to English soon enough.

One-Punch Man debuted as a manga series published by Shintosha in 2009 and later gained popular acclaim as an anime adaptation with Weekly Shonen Jump receiving credit as the source.

One’s debut official series, One-Punch Man, was published at 23 while working a full-time job outside of the industry. Since its premiere, however, One-Punch Man has become known for its extended hiatuses making its return even more thrilling for fans.

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