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Samantha Ann Clark Obituary: TikTok Star and Inspirational Cancer Warrior



Samantha Ann Clark was an esteemed TikTok personality who died at age 17 on January 21, 2023 after a valiant fight against terminal brain cancer. Born June 18, 2005 in Nevada and married to Brayden Gottfried, Samantha Ann had an extremely rare form of brain cancer called Ependymoma which she was first diagnosed with when she was two years old. Samantha documented her final days on social media by making videos documenting both her fight with cancer and bucket list.

Life and Career

Samantha Ann Clark

Samantha Ann Clark

Samantha Ann Clark first began posting videos to TikTok in 2019 to demonstrate her dance abilities and daily life routine. Soon thereafter she revealed her cancer condition by sharing experiences in cancer treatments, surgery, symptoms, appetite control and hospice care – often using dark humor and smiling through pain despite it all! Her videos frequently featured her husband, family and friends.

Samantha Ann Clark was an inspiration to many who followed her journey and sent prayers and supportive messages her way. She brought light into a dark world, touching countless lives with grace and courage.

Death and Tributes

Samantha Ann Clark passed away peacefully at home surrounded by loved ones on January 21, 2023, confirmed by Brayden G in an emotional TikTok video tribute, thanking all those who had supported her along her journey.

This video gained over 10 million views and thousands of comments from fans who sent their condolences and tributes for Samantha, many expressing their heartbreak at hearing the news and praise Samantha as an exceptional human being. Some also shared stories of dealing with cancer themselves or losing someone close to them to this disease.

Samantha’s family also released her obituary and live-streamed her memorial service, held January 26, 2023, at Anderson & Sons Mortuary in American Fork, Utah. Additionally, they announced they would host a celebration of Samantha’s life at Basque House on Flagview Drive on February 3rd.

Samantha Ann Clark will be deeply missed by her husband Brayden Gottfried; parents Robert Clark Jr. and Jennifer Clark; siblings Robert Clark III, Jessica Clark, Joshua Clark and Jacob Clark; grandparents Robert Sr., Linda Clark, John Smith and Mary Smith as well as many other relatives and friends.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: What was Samantha Ann Clark’s TikTok username?

A: Samantha Ann Clark had an account on TikTok which could be found by typing: @sammy_ann_.

Q: What type of brain cancer did Samantha Ann Clark have?

A: Samantha Ann Clark suffered from an extremely rare type of brain cancer known as an Ependymoma – an tumor which arises from cells that line the ventricles in both her brain and spinal cord – that afflict the ventricles.

Q: How old was Samantha Ann Clark when she passed away?

A: Samantha Ann Clark was 17 when she passed away.

Q: How Did Samantha Ann Clark Die?

A: Samantha Ann Clark died following an arduous and courageous battle against terminal brain cancer.

Q: When did Samantha Ann Clark die?

A: Samantha Ann Clark passed away on January 21, 2023.

Q: Where did Samantha Ann Clark live?

A: Samantha Ann Clark resided in Nevada.

Q: Who was Samantha Ann Clark’s husband?

A: Samantha Ann Clark married Brayden Gottfried.

Q: When did Samantha Ann Clark get married?

A: Samantha Ann Clark married Brayden Gottfried on December 18, 2022.

Q: Do Samantha Ann Clark have any children?

A: Samantha Ann Clark did not have any children.

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