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PopularMMOs Are Arrested: What You Should Know About Him



PopularMMOs has reported on YouTube star and gamer Patrick Julianelle being arrested twice within one year on separate charges, as well as reactions from his fans and ex-partners to those arrests. Below are facts and FAQs surrounding those arrests as well as reactions of those closest to him – fans as well as ex-partners alike.

First Arrest: Domestic Battery

First Arrest: Domestic Battery

Julianelle was arrested by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department on May 16, 2021, for domestic battery – cause bodily harm, which is considered a misdemeanor charge.

According to the police report obtained by, Julianelle and Elizabeth “Liz” Heranek were arrested after giving opposing accounts of a physical altercation that took place at their residence.
Reporters found Julianelle to have asserted that Liz was bipolar, refusing to call the police until she did it herself. Additionally, neither party consented to any domestic violence paperwork being completed by either of them or giving written statements or having injuries photographed.

PopularMMOs Are Arrested

Julianelle was released the next day after posting $2,503 bail and denied all allegations through Twitter, writing “Don’t believe everything you hear. I will address false accusations soon.” Additionally, Julianelle blamed Eleni of disclosing his address and harassing both himself and Liz.

Second Arrest: Pitch Invasion

Second Arrest: Pitch Invasion

Julianelle was arrested again on November 14th along with two men named Ehan Davies and Michael Richmond for allegedly conducting an illegal stunt during a Jacksonville Jaguars game at TIAA Bank Field23.
They were charged with trespassing on property not directly related to structures or conveyances and disorderly conduct, though it remains unknown what prompted or motivated their behavior or whether there was any connection with any online platform or group they may have been affiliated with. Julianelle has yet to issue a public statement regarding her arrest.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q:Who is PopularMMOs?

This popular YouTube channel features Minecraft-themed videos, challenges, mods and roleplays. It currently boasts over 17 million subscribers and 14 billion views as of May 20214.
Julianelle initially ran this channel with Jen, until their divorce in 2019. Following their breakup, Julianelle took control and introduced his current partner Liz as a co-star. Additionally, he also runs another channel known as Pat & Friends where they play other games together.

Q:Who were his previous lovers

Julianelle and Jen were married from 2015 to 2019, announcing their divorce via Twitter with no drama or cheating involved.
After their divorce, Julianelle briefly dated Eleni in 2020 until they parted ways over claims by Eleni that Julianelle cheated with Liz. Additionally, Eleni claimed Julianelle was abusive and manipulative towards her.
Julianelle denied Eleni’s accusations and accused her of lying and trying to damage his reputation. Additionally, he accused Eleni of disclosing his address online as well as harassing him and Liz through various forms of cyberbullying.

Q:What have been his fans’ responses?

Julianelle’s fans have responded in various ways to his arrests and scandals; some remain loyal, while others feel disappointed and anger at what has transpired.
Some fans claim they grew up watching his videos and consider him their childhood hero, which makes them saddened that he has been involved in scandalous situations like these. They hope he can change for the better in time.
Other fans have stated they no longer respect or trust him after learning of his arrests and allegations, feeling let down and unsubscribing from his channel.

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