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Honkai: Star Rail: Artisanship Commission Chest, Warp Trotter Divination Locations Lets Discuss



Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail

Unearthing Honkai Star Rall Divination Commission Treasure and Warp Trotter Locations

Are You Searching for Honkai Star Rall Divination Commission Treasure and Warp Trotter Locations? Look No Further! We Have All of the Answers Here

Divination Commission in Xianzhou Luofu is an expansive area filled with puzzles and mechanics to discover, spread across two floors. However, accessing some platforms may prove challenging due to shifting screens that may not always activate properly; while certain chests may be easier than others to collect; others are guarded by enemies posing additional difficulties to finding all treasures within it all. Here are the locations of Divination Commission Chests in Honkai: Star Rall

  •  First Basic Treasure in the Northeast of Spatial Terminal Space.
  • After collecting your basic treasure in Step 1, examine the south.
  • Head east or use a shifting screen to get outside to locate the third basic treasure.
  • From the main area, head eastward and to the southern stairs to locate your fourth treasure.
  • Southeast of Conclave Hall Waypoint lies the fifth treasure.
  • Within the square room, traverse west along the long corridor until you find the sixth treasure.
  •  Continue moving west and look out for treasure at every turn.
  • Enter the Warp Trotter room, run towards its southeast corner and search the Star Rail Chest for Honkai: Chest 6.
  • From the Warp Trotter room, head east until reaching the end of a narrow platform in the west; here lies your ninth basic treasure!
  • Head west towards the next room to locate a final basic treasure.

Once you’ve amassed all your treasures, head towards the Conclave Hall Space Anchor in a square room before turning south to obtain Warp Trotters in Honkai. Our guide for successful treasure hunting in Honkai: Star Rall Divination Commission can provide assistance if needed.

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