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August Alsina Gay: Everything You Need to Know



August Alsina, who made headlines last year due to his affair with Jada Pinkett Smith, has recently made it known that he is both homosexual and has a partner. This announcement came during the season finale of VH’s reality show The Surreal Life where Alsina featured as one of its celebrity cast members.

Who is August Alsina’s partner?

August Alsina’s partner

August Alsina’s romantic interest is ZaZa, also known by Zu. A singer and songwriter by trade, they collaborated on an original track called “AM”, as well as performing together onstage and appearing in some of Alsina’s social media posts. Some online detectives suspect ZaZa may also be his biological brother since both individuals wished her mother a happy birthday with “mom”, though this has yet to be confirmed by either party involved.

How did August Alsina come about?

August Alsina come about

August Alsina came out during a confessional segment on The Surreal Life, in which he discussed his journey of love and healing. Alsina expressed a wish to share this love with the world while honoring those who love back, such as ZaZa (Zacharias ZaZa). Although Alsina didn’t explicitly identify himself as gay or ZaZa as his partner at that point in time, many viewers saw his words and actions as coming out moments.

What was the response to August Alsina’s coming out?

the response to August Alsina’s coming out

August Alsina’s coming out prompted both positive and negative responses on social media, with some fans offering congratulations while others expressed doubt over his sexuality and relationship with ZaZa. Fans also made jokes about him having previously had an entanglement with Jada Pinkett Smith and speculated whether Will Smith might have played any part. Others believed his coming out was simply meant as publicity stunt to boost ratings or his music career.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: What Is an Entanglement?

A: Jada Pinkett Smith used the term entanglement when discussing her affair with August Alsina during her marriage to Will Smith. She stated that they had experienced difficulty and had temporarily separated; later she clarified her statement by specifying “relationship.”

Q: What is The Surreal Life?

A: The Surreal Life is a reality show featuring celebrities living together in a mansion for two weeks, and chronicling their interactions, conflicts, and challenges in dealing with each other’s personalities and lifestyles. So far there have been seven seasons with its most recent one airing in 2022; some celebrities who have appeared include Flavor Flav, Brigitte Nielsen, Vanilla Ice, Omarosa Manigault Janice Dickinson Tamar Braxton Dennis Rodman Stormy Daniels August Alsina among many others.

Q: Is August Alsina gay or bisexual?

A: August Alsina has not publicly revealed his sexuality or identified himself as gay or bisexual; instead he has only revealed that he is romantically involved with ZaZa and wants to challenge societal constructs around what love should look like. Eventually he may decide to identify himself as such or simply prefer not using labels at all.

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