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Kareem Abdul Jabbar: Is He Marrying Again?



Kareem Abdul Jabbar remains one of the greatest basketball players ever, holding the all-time points record and six championship titles with both Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers. Additionally, he is an accomplished author, social activist, and grandfather to three.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar first married Habiba Abdul Jabbar

Kareem Abdul Jabbar first married Habiba Abdul Jabbar

Kareem Abdul Jabbar married Habiba in 1971. Habiba was originally known as Janice Brown but soon after meeting Kareem converted to Islam and changed her name to Habiba.

Couple Kareem Jr and Habiba Alcindor had three children together: Habiba Alcindor, Kareem Jr and Sultana. However, their marriage did not proceed smoothly as Habiba’s parents were not permitted to attend their wedding at a mosque due to Habiba’s faith. Kareem also suffered migraines and depression due to violence he faced as a Muslim convert.

Kareem and Habiba separated in 1973 and divorced five years later. After their split, however, both parties maintained cordial relations as co-parents for their three children.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Second Wife Cheryl Pistono

Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Second Wife Cheryl Pistono

Kareem Abdul Jabbar met Cheryl Pistono for the first time in 1977 when they worked together as assistants. Cheryl, then known as Model/Actress Cheryl Pistono was drawn to Kareem’s pursuit; one day he gave her a rose from his garden.

Kareem and Cheryl had one son together, Amir, born in 1984. Amir later went on to become an orthopedic surgeon who helped Kareem beat leukemia2. Kareem spoke highly of Cheryl and she held great influence in his decisions; he loved her deeply.

Kareem and Cheryl separated in 1985 despite never officially marrying each other, yet still considered themselves husband and wife.

Kareem Abdul’s Third Wife Julie Olds

Kareem Abdul’s Third Wife Julie Olds

Kareem Abdul Jabbar fathered another son, Adam, with Julie Olds after briefly dating and splitting shortly before Adam was born in 1986. Adam went on to become a musician and producer.

Adam made headlines in 2021 when he was arrested for stabbing his neighbor with a hunting knife. He pled guilty to three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and received six months imprisonment2.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Current Wife

Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Current Wife And his Family

Kareem Abdul Jabbar currently remains unmarried, dedicating both his professional life and family life – including spending quality time with his five children and three grandchildren whom he greatly enjoys spending time with – to their overall development and health.

He writes books, articles and podcasts covering various subjects related to sports, culture, politics and history. Additionally, he advocates for social justice, education and health initiatives.

Recently he offered his congratulations to LeBron James on breaking his scoring record and expressed pride for all he had accomplished. Additionally he expressed contentment with both his life and legacy.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

 Q: When did Kareem Abdul Jabbar get married?

A: Kareem Abdul Jabbar first married Habiba Abdul Jabbar in 1971. Later he married Cheryl Pistono; unfortunately his third partner Julie Olds never saw marriage in their future plans.

Q: How many children does Kareem Abdul Jabbar have?

A: Kareem Abdul Jabbar is father to five children: Habiba Alcindor, Kareem Jr., Sultana, Amir and Adam.

Q: Is Kareem Abdul Jabbar still living today?

A: Kareem Abdul Jabbar turned 75 in 2023; he was born April 16, 1947.

Q: What is Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Net Worth?

A: Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s net worth as of 2023 has been estimated at $20 Million.

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