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Marisia Burton Missing: Teen Found Alive After a Mysterious Disappearance



Marisia Burton was last seen at Disney employee housing at Flamingo Crossings East in Winter Garden on December 22, 20221. She attended Disney College Program classes while also serving as a cast member at Walt Disney World Resort. Her disappearance remains unexplained at this time.

Her family reported her missing when her cellphone went straight to voice mail, her savings account was depleted, and all social media accounts she had were deleted. They expressed concerns over possible human trafficking as detectives suspected she may have been subjected to sexual exploitation.

Burton was found alive on January 2, 2023 after arriving at a Houston police station with an unknown male companion and asking authorities to remove her name from the missing persons list. Her family immediately suspected trafficking and begged them for assistance to stop this individual from taking Burton back to Mexico.

What Has Been Happening with Marisia Burton?

Marisia Burton Missing

Burton has not been located, although her disappearance and recovery remain unclear and under investigation by authorities. According to reports, Burton told her sister she preferred quitting the internship program rather than be fired for missing work. This information has yet to be confirmed by authorities.

Some of Burton’s coworkers and fellow Disney College Program interns (CPs), notably her roommates and fellow CPs on Reddit and Twitter, pointed out inconsistencies with her story by sharing doubtful posts and photos that included costumes from Hollywood Studios instead of Caribbean Beach Resort where she had supposedly worked1. They also wondered why none of her roommates, leaders or friends had said anything publicly about her disappearance.

On January 2, 2023, Burton’s aunt sent out several tweets alleging that her niece had been seen at a Houston police station with an “odd guy” who asked Burton to come immediately with him, leading him to believe they planned on taking Burton to Mexico as well as trafficking her. Additionally, photos were shared showing Burton in a car along with this individual who she claimed was transporting her there.

Orlando news station WESH reported that Burton was later confirmed safe with her family; they did not offer further details as to how or where she had been found or what had transpired during her disappearance.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q. Who is Marisia Burton?

Marisia Burton, 19, from Houston, Texas and living in Central Florida before going missing on December 22, 2022. She had enrolled in the Disney College Program as well as working as a cast member at Walt Disney World Resort before disappearing on this date.

Q: Where has she gone missing?

A: She vanished on December 22, 2022 after last being seen at Disney employee housing at Flamingo Crossings East in Winter Garden, Florida.

Q: How was she found?

A: She was located on January 2, 2023, in Houston, Texas when she arrived with an unknown male companion at a police station to ask that their names be removed from the missing person list.

Q: Was she trafficked?

A: Her family initially expressed concerns over possible human trafficking after detectives suspected she may have been subjected to sexual exploitation by third-party dealers, though later confirmed she was safe with them and unaffected. Unfortunately, details regarding what occurred while she was missing remain hazy as investigation is still ongoing.

Q: How Can I Help?

A: You can assist by increasing awareness about human trafficking and supporting organizations working to prevent and combat it. In addition, any suspicious activities or signs of trafficking should be reported immediately via calling the National Human Trafficking Hotline (1-888-373-7888 or texting HELP to 233733).

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