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Who Was Ayush Dankhara? 23-year-Old Gujarati Student Died In Toranto Canada



Ayush Dankhara died in canada

Ayush Dankhara died in canada

As reported, Ayush Dankhara, 23, from Bhavnagar in Gujarat who had traveled to Toronto for studies is expected to arrive at Ahmedabad International Airport this Saturday evening. Ayush was son of Ramesh Dhankara who served with the Gujarat Police as DSP.

Ayush Dankhara An Indian Student died in Canada: Tragic Loss

Ayush was another student from Gujarat studying at York University in Toronto who tragically perished under suspicious circumstances within one month. On May 6, his roommate alerted his brother about Ayush not returning home for 24 hours; upon filing a formal missing person report with 55th Division Toronto police, family discovered his body on May 7 under a bridge – photographic identification confirmed this individual as Ayush.

Similar Accident Case

indian student died in toranto canada

indian student died in toranto canada

Harsh Patel was also found dead under mysterious circumstances nearing completion of their studies at New York University; Ayush in engineering and Harsh in management studies respectively. Their bodies were both discovered floating in water bodies after missing for over 24 hours – ruling out any possibility of suicide as their phones weren’t within range – ruling out all possibility for suicide attempts.

Harsh Patel’s family is looking for closure, as no significant information on his death day has emerged. There have been similar incidents recently; Siddhant Shah, 19, and Aryan Vaidya, 20, went swimming at Monroe Lake in Indiana with friends but never resurfaced; their bodies were later located and recovered three days later.

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