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COC Builder Hall 10 Release Date: Builder Hall 10 Details, Spring 2023



COC Builder Hall 10 Release Date

Clash of Clans Update for Spring 2023

Clash of Clans fans are eagerly awaiting the Spring 2023 update, which promises exciting new content to add to the game. In this article, we’ll go over all of the details surrounding this upcoming content drop to help our readers prepare.

COC Builder Hall 10 Release Date

COC Builder Hall 10 Release Date

Clash of Clans will see an exciting addition with the Spring 2023 update: Builder Hall 10. This feature allows players to upgrade their Builder Base and unlock additional content such as upgrades for existing defenses or even an entirely new troop! Here are details regarding Builder Hall 10 upgrades:

  • Builder Gold Storage Capacity: 1.5M Builder Gold
  • Builder Elixir Storage Capacity: 1.5M Builder Elixir
  • Upgrade Time: 7 Days
  • Upgrade Cost: 4.8M Builder Gold
  • 1x X-Bow unlocked; 2750 hit points

The X-Bow is a new defence that functions similarly to that in your village, featuring two targeting modes – one for ground troops and another for air troops – with a 12-tile range and costing 4.4 million builder gold to purchase and 7 days to construct.

Builder Barracks Level 12 and Electrofire Wizard

COC Builder Hall 10 Release Date

COC Builder Hall 10 Release Date

Players will also have the ability to upgrade their Builder Barracks to level 12 using Builder Hall 10, unlocking the Electrofire Wizard troop that uses fire and lightning attacks for maximum damage with limited hit points – this version offers alternate attack modes:

  • Electro Mode: Fires a slow-charging lightning strike which bounces between targets in Electro Mode;
  • Inferno Mode: Deliberately fires one fire beam that slowly increases in damage over time

Electrofire Wizard’s default attack mode, Inferno Mode, allows players to easily switch between modes at any time. However, they may switch back or switch completely between them at any point during playback.

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