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Experts Have Show Concern About The Cure Of Other Diseases Caused By Corona



corona virus

corona virus

Experts call for greater capacity of healthcare facilities to respond to emerging threats.

Anthony S. Fauci, Director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), highlighted our vulnerability to COVID-19 outbreaks as evidence of our need to improve healthcare capacity to respond to emerging threats, according to Ishwar Gilada (an infectious disease specialist) and Dr. Fauci respectively. NIAID Director Ishwar Gilada stated that COVID-19 represents an additional threat among other existing diseases; healthcare systems must therefore reform to accommodate other illnesses while only scheduled testing be reserved for COVID-19 testing on patients displaying symptoms.

Worldwide MMR vaccination rates continue to decrease

MMR Vaccine

MMR Vaccine

Queen Mary University of London recently conducted a study published in BMJ Open that revealed only 75% of children received their first dose of MMR vaccine on time compared with 95% recommended by WHO to prevent highly contagious diseases like measles outbreaks. With more than 10,000 laboratory-confirmed measles cases having occurred since 2000 with 40 deaths reported across India alone, Dr. Hemlata Arora of Nanavati Hospital Mumbai emphasizes vaccination’s value in combatting infections such as measles as part of MMR series series series series vaccination series series series series series vaccination.

Global HIV and TB Prevention Progress Slowing

Global HIV and TB Prevention

Global HIV and TB Prevention

HIV and TB have also been affected during this pandemic, according to reports by WHO which found testing had decreased by 41% while referrals had dropped 59%; Dr. Gilada criticised WHO for doing too little too late, calling for greater awareness campaigns, increased vigilance, proactive steps taken immediately by authorities as well as creating systems which allow more patients to be diagnosed on time for screening and treatment.

Dr. Gilada stressed the need to act quickly in response to emerging threats, such as COVID-19.

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