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Who is Thomas Herbst? Why NJ Manville Police Chief Arrested?



Manville Police Chief Thomas Herbst

Manville Police Chief Thomas Herbst

Arrest of Manville Police Chief Thomas Herbst Sends Shockwaves through Town

Manville Police Chief Thomas Herbst’s arrest has left the community reeling in disbelief. The Attorney General’s Office has been investigating Herbst for sexual assault, including unconsented sexual contact, and official misconduct while on duty as a police officer.

Who Is Thomas Herbst?

Thomas Herbst

Thomas Herbst

After allegations were announced, Thomas Herbst was quickly arrested and remains detained pending further legal proceedings. News of his detention further heightens residents of Manville’s sense of shock and disbelief.

As an esteemed member of law enforcement, many in the community looked up to Herbst; his arrest and charges have left many wondering how such a figure in law enforcement could end up facing such charges.

Manville Police Department issued a statement in response to allegations, emphasizing their displeasure while assuring people that justice would be served. Furthermore, they pledged full cooperation in any ongoing investigations as well as taking all appropriate steps.

Thomas Herbst of Manville Police Chief Arrested

Manville Police Chief Arrested

Manville Police Chief Arrested

The Attorney General’s office intends to prosecute all criminal charges against Thomas Herbst. While these allegations have caused alarm among residents of Manville, it should be remembered that most police officers are dedicated to serving and protecting their communities with dignity and integrity; incidents like these tend to be rare.

Herbst’s arrest sent shockwaves through his beloved community; many residents are struggling to come to terms with this development given how respected he is by all.


Sexual assault is a serious crime and everyone deserves access to an impartial legal process. While investigation of Herbst’s suspected misconduct continues, it’s essential for community members to stand together during this trying time and support each other during this challenging period.

Most police officers serve and defend their communities with honor and integrity; events like these are extremely rare. More details should come forth as the investigation into Herbst’s behavior continues – until then Manville residents must adjust to this startling news of sexual assault charges being levied against their police chief.

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