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Alex Cooper’s Partner Matt Kaplan Who Is He?



Alex Cooper has become known for her advice on relationships through the Call Her Daddy podcast, garnering many fans and followers over time. After recently announcing her engagement to Matt Kaplan, many are curious to learn more about who Matt Kaplan is and his involvement. We will explore who Matt Kaplan is here.

Who Is Matt Kaplan? Matt Kaplan, born April 14, 1984, is an American film producer and businessman who founded Ace Entertainment as CEO in 2006. Ace specializes in young adult films; Kaplan produced many popular titles like To All The Boys series films produced under this label. Kaplan was also president of Awesomeness Films until 2017.

Kaplan first began his film industry career as a producer with Dance of the Dead in 2008. Since then, he has produced several young adult hits including The Lazarus Effect, Before I Fall, and Spontaneous, earning him reputation in the film business.

Relationship With Alex Cooper

Relationship With Alex Cooper

Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan’s romance began when they met through Zoom in 2020. Cooper kept their romance under wraps at first; often only referring to Kaplan in her podcasts as the “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man.” It wasn’t until March 2023 when Cooper revealed Kaplan to the public after nearly three years together.

Cooper and Kaplan’s Engagement

Cooper and Kaplan’s Engagement

On April 25th 2023, Cooper took to her social media platform of choice–Instagram–to announce her engagement to Kaplan. She posted a picture showing Kaplan proposing with the caption: “We’re engaged.” Public reaction was very excited at hearing of their news, and quickly went viral.

Previous Relationships

Previous Relationships

Matt Kaplan first had an intimate relationship with former actress Ashley Olsen in 2004, later marrying actor Claire Holt (from whom they divorced later that same year).

Matt Kaplan is an renowned American film producer and businessman. As CEO of Ace Entertainment, which specializes in making young adult movies for release, Kaplan has produced many successful projects such as To All The Boys series films.

Additionally, Kaplan is engaged to Alex Cooper who hosts her popular podcast Call Her Daddy providing relationship advice. After keeping their relationship under wraps for nearly three years they finally announced it publicly through social media in April 2023 – just days after getting engaged themselves.

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