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Babo Video and Deliberating its Sensational Video Del Babo De Cartel De Santa



Cartel De Santa is an acclaimed Mexican hip-hop group best known for their explicit lyrics and controversial music videos, most recently “Piensa en mi,” has caused quite the uproar online. The Babo Video for “Piensa en mi” stars Babo as lead star dancing surrounded by numerous females in lingerie to the beat of his song – while its uncensored version known as Video Del Babo De Cartel De Santa has captured internet users’ interest as well.

Two Versions of “Piensa en Mi” Music Video

Notable to remember is that there are two versions of Babo De Cartel De Santa’s “Piensa en mi” music video; one is available on Youtube with content that has been removed; while an adult-oriented version was made available through OnlyF. Unfortunately, some OnlyF users leaked an explicit video featuring models dancing without their clothing on as well as Babo himself being fully naked in one scene of the explicit video.

Containing An Unconventional Video, Santa Cartel Babo Vs Babo De Cartel Is Explosive Content


Cartel De Santa fans were taken aback when they saw the explicit scenes of “Piensa en mi” music video. This version features numerous female dancers without clothing dancing together while Babo himself can also be seen nudist. Unfortunately, this version of the video is only suitable for adult users and cannot be accessed without prior authorization from them.

Reception of Video Del Babo De Cartel De Santa

Reception of Video Del Babo De Cartel De Santa

The Video Del Babo De Cartel De Santa has become an internet phenomenon, with viewers searching for its explicit content across various platforms. Its controversial background only adds to its growing fame; users have shared and commented about it widely across social media, many expressing shock and admiration at what they consider to be its offensive content.


Cartel De Santa’s “Piensa en mi” music video has caused quite an uproar online. The explicit scenes present in Video Del Babo De Cartel De Santa have taken fans by surprise and added to the ongoing controversy surrounding them. While an edited version is available on Youtube, only adult users have access to access its uncensored version despite its controversy; nonetheless it has quickly become an internet phenomenon with users searching for it across various platforms.
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