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Cad Harris: Father of Football Legend



Cad Harris (1920-1980) was an army veteran and celebrity father in America, best known as being the father of Franco Harris, one of America’s most celebrated former American professional football players drafted by Pittsburgh Steelers in 1972. Cad was proud and supportive father who helped Franco become an effective running back before working hard to help reach NFL draft status himself in 2022; unfortunately he passed away at 60 on July 17th 1980 and Franco on December 21st 2022 both at around age 60 years.

Early Life and Education

Early Life and Education

Cad Harris was born March 24, 1920, in Bolton, Hinds County, Mississippi, United States of America. Although born there, he later relocated to Sewickley Pennsylvania where his son Franco Harris was later born in 1950. Cad may have completed high school but no source has verified these claims.

Military Service and Career Opportunities

Cad Harris served the US Army during World War II as a chief petty officer, stationed in Italy where he met Gina Parenti from Naples – his future wife and life partner. When the war was over, Cad Harris brought Gina Parenti back home with him and settled her and their children in Pennsylvania where he worked both as a steelworker and barber to support their family.

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Cad Harris married Gina Parenti after World War II in Italy and they raised five children: Franco, Pete, Dana, Rita and Lucretia. Cad was an attentive father who encouraged his children to follow their passions; particularly Franco who became a four-time Super Bowl Champion with Pittsburgh Steelers football club; Cad often attended Franco’s games to cheer him on.

Cad Harris died on July 17, 1980, in Burlington County, New Jersey, USA and was interred at Mount Holly Cemetery in Mount Holly. Gina died of natural causes at 87 in 2008 while their son Franco passed away December 21st at 72.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: Who is Cad Harris?

A: Cad Harris was an army veteran and well-known father in America, famous for being Franco Harris’ father; Franco played professional football for both Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks during his illustrious career.

Q: When did Cad Harris die?

A: Cad Harris passed away at 60 on July 17, 1980.

Q: Is any member of Cad Harris’s family alive today?

A: As of 2022, only four of Cad Harris’s children remain: Pete, Dana, Rita and Lucretia.

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