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Denton Police Christopher Morgan Officers Investigated for Viral TikTok Video



Denton Police Christopher Morgan Officers

Denton Police Christopher Morgan Officers

Denton Police Investigate Officer Actions

An internal investigation into the conduct of Denton Police officers during a social media-trending incident on April 7 has begun. Officers were called to a residential building on 4th Street where this incident took place to settle a conflict between a landlord and tenant.

Christopher Morgan’s TikTok Video Has Taken the Internet by Storm

At the scene, both residents and owners engaged in an intense verbal fight; Christopher Morgan, an ally of the owner, threatened and assaulted one of them before bystanders recorded the event; it has since gone viral on social media.

After Morgan punched multiple times at a glass screen door before officers arrived at the scene without arresting or charging him, raising questions regarding Denton police officials’ conduct.

Denton Police Department Chief George Bacorn has ordered an investigation to analyze how his officers responded and handled an incident that has garnered much attention online. Following such events, Denton decided to take immediate steps and assess its personnel conduct in light of this recent event.

Arrest Warrant Issued for Morgan

Denton Police Christopher Morgan Officers

Denton Police have now issued an arrest warrant against Morgan. A two-minute video shows Morgan wearing a Chosen Sons Motorcycle Club vest violently smashing glass door, prompting his opponent to request official intervention and arrest him.

Although Morgan threatened a resident while acting aggressively towards them, officers let him walk free due to his “agitated state”. Social media users expressed displeasure with this decision of the Denton police not arresting Morgan assailant.

Police quickly responded to the incident by taking residents and Morgan to District Court Commissioner and obtaining a peace order against him. Additionally, charges have been laid against Morgan for second-degree assault as well as property destruction; however, any officers who chose not to arrest Morgan have come under scrutiny from senior officials at Denton Police Department.

The Civilian Review Board will be sent the investigation’s findings

Denton Police Christopher Morgan Officers

civilian review panel will be given the investigation’s findings and recommendations regarding any policy violations by the officers. 60-day investigation is anticipated. The department hasn’t decided yet, according to Bacorn, whether the findings will be made public, but the resolution of the civilian complaint will be matter of public record and available upon request.

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