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Diabetic Patients Avoid Taking Medicine On Their Own, It Can Harms The Body



Diabetes Care Tips: Diabetes is on a worldwide rise, including India where there are now an estimated 77 million diabetes cases. Of particular concern are young children suffering due to poor lifestyle decisions and unhealthy eating patterns; by 2025 estimates from World Health Organization have forecasted up to 20% more patients suffering with this illness in India alone.

Diabetes Care: Diabetes is on the rise in Canada, as with other chronic diseases



Dr. Ashutosh Goyal from Paras Hospital’s Department of Endocrinology suggests making lifestyle adjustments in order to manage diabetes effectively or even avoid it entirely. Seek medical advice before self-medicating using over-the-counter pills which could do more damage than good.

Healthy Eating



People living with diabetes should opt for healthy eating when choosing their food choices; such as, fruits and vegetables to prevent dehydration while staying hydrated throughout their daily water consumption routines.




It’s essential for overall good health to engage in some type of physical activity every day – even just taking short morning and evening strolls can do wonders to your wellbeing! People should try doing something active like morning or evening walkabouts or practicing yoga as often as they can.

Stress doesn’t help diabetes at all; in fact, anxiety and stress may increase blood glucose levels to dangerously high levels that could potentially trigger heart disease or kidney issues.

Smoking And Consumption Are To Be Avoided

Smoking Are To Be Avoided

Smoking Are To Be Avoided

Drinking alcohol and smoking can both increase blood sugar levels. Smokers with diabetes should quit to manage the disease effectively. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 9 percent of those aged 20-70 in America currently live with diabetes; studies indicate poor water and air quality may also raise your risk, with insufficient sleep further compounding that risk exponentially. In such an event, it’s vital that we all maintain healthy lifestyles by being aware of our eating habits and eating healthily.

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