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Do you drink less water in winter? Discover its disadvantages



Consuming Less Water during Winter: What Are the Consequences?

Staying hydrated throughout winter season is absolutely vital to our wellbeing, so water consumption must never be taken for granted.

Winter season typically brings less sweat production, leading to decreased thirst and water intake. Dehydration remains a serious health risk; to combat deficiency in fluid intake and illness due to lack of hydration in one’s system, health professionals suggest drinking three to four liters daily of water as preventative measure.

Recent research published in Lancet revealed that those who fail to consume sufficient water are at greater risk of early death; those consuming below optimal hydration levels risk an 21% rise in sodium levels that contributes to chronic illnesses and lead to their progression.

Reducing water intake during the winter season may present both benefits and drawbacks.

Dr. Vikas Jain of Sanjay Gandhi Hospital’s Department of Medicine notes that drinking too little water may contribute to constipation; your stomach needs water in order to properly break down food, so any deficiency may lead to digestive problems and may contribute to constipation. Drinking half an hour prior or post meals could prevent further issues altogether.

Reduce Your Risk of Kidney Disease

Dehydration increases the risk of kidney disease, possibly leading to kidney stones and diminishing renal function. Without enough water in our systems, impurities become harder for the body to flush away efficiently resulting in numerous disorders emerging as a consequence. Furthermore, decreased intake can increase urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Dehydration of Skin

While winter skin tends to remain healthy, not drinking enough pure water may cause dehydration that leads to dull complexions and dry patches. Drinking at least seven or eight glasses daily for radiant and healthy-looking complexions.

Stay hydrated this winter season and reap all of its health advantages by drinking lots of water!

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