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Facebook Glitch Friend Requests | Meta Resolves Friend Request Bug



Facebook Glitch Friend Requests

Facebook Glitch Friend Requests

Meta Addresses Facebook Bug Sending Automatic Friend Requests

Meta has recently fixed a bug which sent automatic friend requests to users when they visited any profile, according to reports. Meta released an apology statement on Friday regarding this glitch; one spokesperson from their company acknowledged that some Facebook friend requests may have been sent incorrectly before and apologized for any inconvenience this caused; they are working hard on rectifying their error in future.

Amusing and Confusing Facebook Glitch

Facebook Glitch Friend Requests

Facebook Glitch Friend Requests

The glitch caused both amusement and confusion among Facebook users, with some noting how it temporarily made stalking other users impossible, while some reported receiving friend requests from those they were trying to block. Meta recently announced it would lay off 10,000 employees due to increased efficiency at Facebook; its family of apps now boast over three billion daily users worldwide.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Year of Efficiency Doesn’t Impact Facebook’s Growth

Facebook Glitch Friend Requests

Mark Zuckerberg’s year of efficiency appears not to have had an adverse impact on Facebook’s growth. Meta’s social network added 37 million daily users during the first quarter, taking their total daily user count past 2.037 billion for the first time ever in company history. Meta also saw its revenue increase 3 percent year-on-year for the quarter – its first revenue increase since March! Nevertheless, more layoffs will take place next month to improve speed and quality of work being produced at Meta.

Reality Labs Takes Significant Losses Due to Meta’s Failure

Facebook Glitch Friend Requests

Reality Labs, another division of Meta, also posted significant losses – at approximately $4 billion for the quarter. While this figure was slightly less than the $4.3 billion loss experienced last quarter, Meta expects 2023 losses for their Metaverse division to surpass what was experienced this year.

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