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Florida Teacher Under Investigation For Showing Disney Movie With Gay Character: LGBTQ Restriction Imposed



Florida Teacher

Florida Teacher

Florida Teacher Investigated for Showing Disney Film with LGBTQ Character

A Florida teacher has gone viral over the internet after being investigated for showing a Disney film. Jenna Barbee, a first-year teacher at Winding Waters K-8 in Brooksville, was accused of promoting LGBTQ identities among pupils and jeopardizing their safety by a parent who also sits on the local school board. The accusation follows her decision to show “Strange World,” a 2022 PG-rated animated film about a family of explorers, to her fifth-grade class on May 3. The film features an out homosexual character named Ethan Clade, who harbors feelings for another male character.

LGBTQ Restriction Imposed

Florida Teacher

Florida Teacher

Barbee reportedly linked the science fiction movie to her class lectures and wanted to provide a respite for her students after a long day of standardized testing. The accusations against Barbee have raised questions around LGBTQ rights and restrictions in the public education system. In response, Barbee claimed that she had sought parental consent in writing for her students to watch PG-rated films at the start of the academic year. She highlighted that the film’s opening statement about Ethan’s crush was the only reference to his sexual orientation.

Barbee: Fostering Inclusivity and Kindness in Education

Jenna Barbee

Jenna Barbee

Barbee emphasized that she was never promoting any beliefs or indoctrinating her students but would always be a safe haven for promoting kindness, positivity, and compassion for everyone regardless of differences in socioeconomic, racial, and religious backgrounds. The public awaits further updates on Barbee’s case as investigations progress.

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